New Drug for Obesity

New Drug for Obesity

Millions of obese and overweight people in the world are so preoccupied in finding that perfect weight losing therapy. Many diet programs and weight losing exercises regimen has been introduced to curb the stigma and dilemma experienced by both overweight and obese people. Pharmaceutical companies have likewise done their share in stopping the ill effects of obesity by inventing new drug for obesity.

There are already many prescription and over-the counter drugs available in the market. Orlistat, which is popularly known as Xenical, is one of the many drugs that came out which promises to help reduce weight among obese people. It worked as a fat-absorption inhibitor, unlike what is commonly believed by many that it is an appetite-suppressing drug. Once taken, the body reacts by taking away unnecessary 30 % of ingested fats and preventing the body from absorbing them. These fats are excreted as waste. The side effects of Xenical include stomach discomfort, which makes the user to frequent the toilet more often than usual and many other gastro-intestinal problems. The most alarming downside of prolonged use of Xenical is that it has been linked as one of the causes of breast cancer among women who used the drug.

Rimonabant is another new drug for obesity that will help obese people manage their weight. Once taken by an obese person, the drug inhibits the person’s need to eat. This drug has been suggested as helpful to those suffering from metabolic disorder. It is now widely distributed in Europe and is yet to enter the pharmaceutical market in the United States pending the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Talking about new drug for obesity, FDA has just approved a new drug to combat obesity. It will available in the market with Meridia as brand name. This pill is made of sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. It is also an appetite suppressant, which makes the person feel fuller than he or she actually is. A word of advice though, because clinical studies of using Meridia have shown that it may cause hypertension among users. Some of the side effects are, mouth drying, persistent headache, stomach problem and difficulty of sleeping.

A new drug for obesity that has Oxyntomodulin content is yet to be introduced in the market. Although the body produces oxyntomodulin naturally, study shows that an increase of the hormone will help curd the craving for food. Furthermore, the users can administer the drug easily which promised to have no side effects.

Obese and overweight people now have plenty of choices and better options for their weight-loss program. The healing wonder of drugs can be optimized if the dosage is followed strictly.